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Truffle Hunting Experiences

Our truffle hunting experience days offer you the chance to experience the delight of hunting for truffles with a professional guide and his truffle dogs. You'll also enjoy a delicious lunch, where you'll be able to sample your freshly foraged truffles! Our truffle hunting experience days are based in and around Sussex, UK, just a few hours away from London. 

Truffle Hunting Experience

Truffle course details

These workshops are designed for those with little to no experience hunting for truffles and for those who are keen to learn about how and where to start.

Our day begins with a welcoming circle, where you will be introduced to the rest of the group, our truffle hunting expert and to your new furry friends, who you'll be working with closely over the course of the day. 


We'll take a walk through the woodland and learn about what truffles are, what habitat they grow in and how to find them, with plenty of tips on finding them without your own trained truffle dog.


We'll then let the dogs off their leads and let them lead us to the truffles. You'll learn their signals and tells, and we'll show you how to work with them. You'll be chasing after the hounds and burying your fingers into the earth to dig out buried treasure before you know it! 

After we've collected a basket of truffles (and any edible mushrooms we might find on the way!) we'll head back to share a delicious meal together, with plenty of fresh truffle shavings, of course!

what's included

  • Welcoming circle to introduce ourselves and discuss what the group wants to learn about.

  • Introduction to truffles.

  • Guided truffle walk with trained truffle dogs.

  • Truffle foraging time where you'll work with the dogs to find your own truffles.

  • Truffle cooking demonstration.

  • Lunch including truffles found on the day, plus delicious home-made food and preserves. 

  • PDF Document with notes and photos from your workshop.

Our truffle foraging workshops are £150 per person.

Looking to gift someone with a truffle hunting experience? Our gift vouchers can all be used towards a truffle hunting day!

Truffle Hunting UK

dog training days

Our truffle dog training days give you and your furry friend the opportunity to learn how to hunt down your very own truffles! These beginner friendly training days include scent-work activities and challenges to get you working together as a top truffle hunting team. A take-home truffle hunting kit and workbook will help you make the most of all the knowledge you'll learn on the day.


Our truffle dog training days are based in and around Sussex, UK. 

Truffle dog training days launching in December 2024


Delight a loved one with a truffle hunting gift voucher! Our printable vouchers promise an experience they'll never forget, where they'll discover the secrets of truffles, learn to work alongside expertly trained dogs, unearth culinary treasures, and relish freshly shaved truffles in the heart of the woods. It's more than a voucher; it's an invitation to a truly extraordinary adventure.

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