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Thanks for stopping by! I'm Fern and I'm so happy you're here. 

Since you're here, I guess you'd like to know more about Foraged By Fern and what it is we do. So grab a dandelion root coffee and let's get chatting! ☕


At Foraged By Fern it's my mission to help people connect deeply and joyously to the natural world. 🌱 Through foraging for food, medicine and craft materials, I think we can all learn to slow down, connect with nature, ourselves and our community. 

I run guided workshops, walks and events that all aim to introduce you to the art of foraging, and bring you nourishing and fun time in nature. I also share recipes and foraging guides online to share ancient and lost knowledge of our plant friends, and help you make something delicious with them too!


Food, medicine & beauty: There's so much to be found in the wild!


My first memory of foraging was as a kid. My Dad took us out mushroom foraging and after a long day of squishing through the mud in our wellies, finding huge, weird and wonderful mushrooms, it became our favourite hobby! From then, we began to learn as a family about which wild foods we could safely gather and have for our tea.

I started Foraged By Fern in 2019 with my first ever guided foraging walk. When we began to wander over the downs, cups of hand crafted elderflower champagne in hand, talking about how to harvest and use the wild plants around us, I knew I had found my calling!

2020: Picking wild strawberries on my first ever guided foraging walk

Since then I've been running regular seasonal foraging workshops in Sussex, England. I love to focus on how to safely and sustainable gather wild foods, as well as sharing ancient uses for plants we pass and an occasional folk story too!

For me the best bit of foraging is eating, so all my workshops include a foodie element, whether it's cooking up a feast over the campfire, or sharing a summer wild picnic in the meadows.


Talking about magical mugwort on a Summer Herbs workshop

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As Foraged By Fern has grown, so has our list of workshop offerings! Now it's not just seasonal foraging workshops, but foraging adventure holidays, women's wellness days, forage and ferment workshops and so many more.


And it's not just me anymore! As I've been wondering down this lovely road, I've been bumping into amazing people on the way! All with their own ways of helping people to connect to the land. You'll find some of these amazingly talented people running some of our workshops in 2024. 

Me and our lovely Emma from Wild Pickle running a Forage & Ferment day!

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meet the team

Some of the lovely foragers, fermenters and friends you might meet on your chosen workshop!



Freya spent her feral, formative years in the woods in Hampshire, where she cultivated her deep love for the natural world; finding edible plants and fungi on her wanderings and bringing them to her kitchen to experiment with.


She loves passing on her knowledge and enthusiasm to the people on her foraging forays and seeing them become a little more invested in the beautiful, wild, and green places around them. On her walks she places a strong emphasis on making foraging safe and accessible, but most important to her is to demonstrate the innovative and creative uses she's learned for the unique flavours and textures of food found in the wild.



Mike is a generalist forager and wild food cook with 15 years of foraging experience and has been running foraging walks and workshops for the last 7 years. He spends his time split between Brighton in East Sussex and the New Forest in Hampshire foraging for plants, seaweeds, fungi and all things in between for use as food, medicine and craft materials.


He has a particular interest in wild food preservation methods including fermentation and pickling and loves nothing more than sharing his wild concoctions with budding foragers on his guided walks. Mike also has extensive experience in outdoor cookery and has worked in kitchens providing outdoor dining experiences for the last 5 years.


If you have any questions whether it's to collaborate, a partner proposition or you just fancy getting in touch, you can contact me on:

I'd love to hear from you!

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new book

Come along on a journey through the woods, over the fields and into the kitchen, to find nourishing ingredients to enjoy through the seasons.

Wild Magic invites you to take a deep breath and reconnect with nature, discover the joy of seasonal eating and use the healing power of plants for self-care.

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