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mushroom FORAGING workshops Sussex & Hampshire

Our mushroom foraging workshops take place in Sussex, Hampshire, and London and are the perfect day out for all fungi enthusiasts. You'll find and a wonderful array of edible, medicinal, toxic, and all-round interesting wild mushrooms and finish the day with a delicious lunch and a huge amount of knowledge.

Mushroom Foraging

mushroom Foraging  details

These mushroom foraging workshops are designed for those with little to no experience foraging for mushrooms, but are sure to be insightful for those who have already started their mushroom hunting journeys too.

Whether you're interested in learning about edible mushrooms you can forage and make into a delicious lunch, looking to meet some of the powerful medicinal varieties of mushroom that grow in the UK, or simply looking to grow your confidence in how to study mushrooms safely, this course will be perfect for you.

The aim of these workshops is to provide a solid foundation of knowledge. You'll learn what mushrooms are and how they grow, how we can forage them sustainably and safely and will be able to confidently identify and forage at least a few varieties of edible mushroom after your session. and will have met and begun the journey to confidence plenty more! 

what's included

  • Welcoming circle to introduce ourselves and discuss what the group wants to learn about.

  • Introduction to mushrooms.

  • Guided wild mushroom walk.

  • Mushroom foraging time.

  • Wild mushroom cooking demonstration.

  • Lunch including wild mushrooms found on the day, plus delicious home-made food and preserves. 

  • PDF Document with notes and photos from your workshop.

Our mushroom foraging workshops range from £70 to £80 depending on the chosen session.

Looking to gift someone with a mushroom foraging experience? Our gift vouchers can all be used towards a mushroom foraging day in Sussex, Hampshire or London!

Mushroom Foraging
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mushroom hunts in sussex & hampshire

Whether you want to forage for mushrooms in Sussex, Hampshire or London, one of our wonderful foragers will be hosting a workshop just for you. All of our foragers are highly experienced and passionate about sharing their love of fungi and your safety and enjoyment is their number one priority.


Surprise a loved one with the joy of mushroom hunting! Our gift vouchers grant them a coveted spot at one of our captivating mushroom hunts in Hampshire or Sussex. Led by an expert guide, they'll explore woodlands, encounter a variety of mushrooms—edible, medicinal, and intriguing—cook up their discoveries amidst nature's beauty, and receive a handy PDF guide after the session for a lasting memory of their newfound knowledge. Easily printable at home, these vouchers are valid for the entire year, promising a memorable adventure in the world of mushrooms.

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