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This Spring, I want to show you just how amazing wild garlic is. You’ll learn where you can find it, how to harvest it safely and sustainably and most importantly.. what you can make with it! 

We will of course meet some other delicious Spring ingredients this weekend, including other wild greens and some Spring mushrooms. You’ll leave with a good knowledge of these plants, so you can continue making delicious foraged dishes throughout the year.

As always, I'll also be introducing some poisonous plants, (including some that look surprisingly similar to wild garlic!) showing how to identify them to make your future foraging experiences safer.


This event is spread over 2 days, because there’s just so much to learn! On day one, we’ll be out in the woods, learning how to gather and collect our ingredients. On day two, we’ll be in our little foragers kitchen! We’ll be making some delicious wild garlic dishes together and enjoying them with a nettle beer or two! 




Children are more than welcome to come along and enjoy the day! Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult and supervised at all times.

The walk will be slow-paced, but uphill in areas, over fields, and through woodland. Please wear weather appropriate clothes, sturdy shoes and feel free to bring a little basket to gather a few samples, and a notebook or camera to help you remember all the information!

The location and details of where to meet will be emailed to you upon payment. The location will be no more than a 30-minute drive outside of the Worthing area and lift-share from Worthing may be available.

Overnight accommodation isn’t included, we’ll be meeting from 11 - 2.30 on both Saturday and Sunday.


ADULT - £65

CHILD (8 - 10) - £25 child 

CHILD (0 - 7) - £8

28.03.10 - 29.03.20 - 

14.03.20 - 15.03.20 - SOLD OUT

Full information, including location will be emailed to you 2 weeks before the event. For any further information, please do contact us. Or see our FAQ's page.

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