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Welcome To My Blog

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

Hi everyone, welcome to my blog! I'm very happy you've come along for the adventure.

I'm Fern and I'm lucky enough to be a foraging guide and Forest School teacher. In other words, I spend most of my time in the woods with my dog, Timber, teaching lovely people about wild-food and wild-craft.

Foraging Tips, Recipes and Adventures

I want to share my foraging tips, wild food recipes and outdoor adventures with you. And this seems like a good place to do it! I'm on social media, but this blog feels like a space where I can go into more detail. I'll have the space to give you full recipes, from field to fork.

Following my wild food recipes mean you're going to have to go and gather some of your own ingredients. For those of you who are new to foraging, this might seem daunting. We've all heard about the dangers of hemlock and deadly mushrooms! But don't worry, my foraging tips will help you safely gather the right ingredients and my recipes will help you make them into something delicious.

I've been teaching adults and children all about the wonders of wild food for over two years. My childhood was full of foraging and since then I've been on many courses to refine my skills. Foraging shouldn't be scary, it should be fun!

Why Wild Food?

I don't necessarily see this as a 'food blog'. Although food and recipes will feature heavily, my main focus here is to encourage you to slow down and reconnect. It's a blog about being wild, or '#rewilding' through foraging.

Following my wildfood recipes will mean you'll have to forage some of your own ingredients. So, none of the recipes can be made without making that little connection to nature. No popping down to the supermarket and back home to rush dinner. You're going to have to take it S L O W. Making wild food is an experience. It's a walk in the woods, a rifle through identification books, a chance to use all of your senses.

When your gathering your leaves, mushrooms, fruits or nuts, you're doing something that humans, since the beginning of time, have been doing. For 90% of humans time of earth, foraging has been our only means of eating.

Gathering wild ingredients, cooking over the fire and sharing with a small group of people is so incredibly enjoyable.

Adventures to come

I'm also going to be sharing my outdoor adventures here. As a forest school teacher, I'm constantly learning new wild crafts. Bushcraft, traditional crafts and old methods of working with the land fascinate me. I'm always inspired by what I learn and by the incredible people I meet on my journey. So, I want to share what I learn from them with you.

Here's a little list of list of some of the adventures I'd like to share with you this year:

  • Learn to whittle a beautiful spoon

  • Discover 5 edible mushrooms I haven't found yet

  • Learn to make sourdough bread

  • Go seaweed foraging in Cornwall

  • Experiment with 5 traditional wild food recipes found in the British Library

So, that's it from me! I really hope that you guys enjoy reading my posts. If you do, or if you have any suggestions, requests or general words of wisdom, let me know in the comments below!

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