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Learn to forage for food, in the comfort of your own home!

Online Foraging​ Courses are a great way to learn about foraging for food, medicines and craft materials! Our foraging courses and workshops will give you an abundance of information on how to harvest wild ingredients and leave you with the confidence to forage and create wild-wonders in your own time. 

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about online foraging courses

Each foraging course will consist of a live foraging walk and Q&A, held by Fern, which can be attended in real-time, or after the event. The live classes will be held via Zoom in tried and tested and 4G friendly areas and filmed by a dedicated cameraman (so no need to worry about wobbly phones and frustrating camera angles!). Each foraging course will be followed up with a PDF booklet, covering topics discussed in the class.

These workshops are limited to 20 people per class, to retain a sense of community that is so important to Ferns workshops and to ensure that everyone has a chance to have their questions answered during the live Q&A. The courses will be hosted from Sussex, England but you can join us from anywhere in the world! The plants we focus on can be found UK wide and across many areas of the world with a similar temperate climate. 

All details of how to join your online course will be emailed to you upon booking. For any queries, please don't hesitate to contact us

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