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Women’s Wellness Workshop

A day to come together and celebrate the turning of the seasons!

  • 160 British pounds
  • Secret Location Near Worthing


Beltane Women’s Foraging & Wellness Day with Fern & Nikki Hillis 🌱 Sunday 30th April 2023 @ 10am - 4pm Summer Solstice Foraging & Wellness Day with Fern & Nikki Hillis 🌱 Sunday 25th June 2023 @ 10am - 4pm Mabon Women’s Foraging & Wellness Day with Fern & Nikki Hillis 🌱 Sunday 24th September 2023 @10am - 4pm For these very special womens wellness workshops, we’ve curated a unique programme, sharing ancient women’s wisdom, and centring around rituals & practices to honour our bodies and our souls. These workshops run in time with important events throughout the year, including Beltane in Spring, Midsummer and Mabon in Autumn. During the workshops, we will connect on a deep level to the energies of the seasons, to the land, to ourselves and to each other. The day includes: 🌱 A foraging workshop in nature, specifically tailored for women’s health. You’ll learn about a wide range of seasonal edible, medicinal & poisonous plants, how to safely identify them & how to sustainably gather them. Folklore, herbal wisdom, how these plants have been used throughout history & how we can use them today! 🌱 Healing Meditation Circle with breath-work & sound therapy. 🌱 Commune with the medicine of the plants we forage. 🌱 Seasonal healing ritual. 🌱 Free time to spend luxuriating in the outdoor hot tub, sauna and plunge pool. 🌱 Qigong for women’s health. Combining, movement, meditation, breath-work & acupressure self-care massage. 🌱 Nutrition &a